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Epix Filter (Environmental Protection Ion Exchange Filter)

The Epix filter remove even trace quantities of gas in clean rooms!


  • Easy installation in existing clean rooms
    Because materials are made of nonwoven fabric, filters are lightweight and cause minimum pressure loss.
  • High removal ability of extreme low concentration gas
    Quick response time due to high density ion exchange base
  • No impurities are discharged to the downstream
    This product is free of catalyzers and other impurities
  • No absorbed gas emission by room temperature increase
    (Maximum working temperature: 50 degree celsius)
  • Flexible selection of combinations of cationic and/or anionic non woven fabrics


    Ebara Dry Scrubber

This system utilizes a reaction tank filled with chemical agents to detoxify exhaust gases produced by dry etching and CVD systems.


  • Constant monitoring of absorption conditions
  • Simple canister replacement
  • Requires limited installation space
  • Capable of interfacing with monitoring systems



Ebara Gas Decomposition by Combustion System

Both cleaning gas and decomposition gas to be treated effectively and low cost at the same time.


  • Maximum treatment ability as inflow gas volume : 250Umin
  • Low fuel consumption rate and high treatment efficiency
    burner system
  • High decomposition ability of PFCs
  • Low consumption of the AIR as burning and dilution
  • Cieaning gases and deposition gases can be treated in
    the same time
  • Low water consumption

Applicable Gases

  • SiH4. H2. PH3.TEOS .WF6 etc. (Flamable gases)
  • NF3.C2F6-SF6-CF4.CHF3 etc. (PFCs)