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Ebara Damascene Metal Plating System  system_damascene










To meet the higher speed of devices and to secure electro-migration tolerance for ULSI, aluminum wiring is shifting to copper wiring


  • Dry in/ Dry out
  • Isolated cleaning area
  • 3 cassettes to cassette
  • 3 baths for multi-plating
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Edge Etching
  • Small footprint

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Plating solution control equipment
  • Automatic plating solution supply
    (without analysis:option)
  • Closed system for waste cleaning water (option)
  • Copper ion recovery equipment (option)

Total Engineering

Providing the Total System, starting with the development of plating solution up to waste treatment utilizing zero emission concepts.

Size of equipment

  • Dimension: 2,150(W) x 3,100(D) x 2,400(H)
  • Weight: 3,200 kg

  Ebara Wafer Plating System - UFP Series











 This clean room compatible system electroplates bond bumps and high resolution circuit patterns on semiconductor wafers. The vertical plating method combines technology and experience from many EBARA Groups to produce a high quality soldering layer.


  • Superior uniformity on the plating wafer surface
  • Automated cassette to cassette handling (Dry in/Dry out)
  • Utilization of a wafer holder eliminates plating on the back and edge of wafers
  • Plating defects resulting from air bubbles are reduced
  • Requires limited installation space
  • Peripheral systems:
    Supply and quality control of plating solution.
    Detoxification of lead and cyanogen compounds
    Wastewater recycling (closed system)


  • Gold bump - (cyanogen solution, non-cyanogen solution)
  • Solder bump (eutectic solder, high melting point solder,
    Low alpha ray solder, Pb free solder)
  • Copper bump (copper sulfate)
  • Magnetic Substance