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Ebara Semicon Sea 2019

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Ebara Semicon Sea 2019

On 07-09 May 2019, Malaysia held South East Asia’s SEMICON SEA 2019 show at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center. The 3-days event spread across a few contingent such as Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Europe, China, India and others countries for Semiconductors latest products and services. It is a great opportunity for participants to meet with world renowned Semiconductors manufacturer and Semiconductors Product Support manufacturer as a networking hub to exchange business opinions and expand their opportunity.

This year, Ebara Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd partake this wonderful event. As an exhibitor for this event, Ebara Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd showcased a series of Ebara Dry Vacuum Pump & Ebara CMP Product, as well as providing visitors with more in-depth understanding on Ebara Products and Services. Ebara Engineering Singapore Ptd Ltd also takes this opportunity to introduce the newly launch Ebara Portable Air Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump Ebara EV-PA. Model EV-PA is air-cooled, featuring small-size, light weight, and energy efficient. This next generation Plug & Run, portable dry vacuum pumps achieve clean vacuum and extended service interval with non-contact seal design.

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During the SEMICON SEA 2019 show, there was a dedicated platform for Smart Manufacturing Journey to witness a revolutionary wave of productivity improvements in manufacturing field. To foster a resilient and growing electronics manufacturing supply chain in Southeast Asia, SEMICON SEA 2019 prepared a TechTalks “The Digital Transformation in Electronics & Semiconductor Industry” program.

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Overall, the event was a fruitful as many visitor quite responsive on our Ebara Dry Vacuum Pump Product & Ebara CMP Product.