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Ozonized Water Generator

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Ozonized Water Generator



Ebara OZW Series Ozonizer continuously supplies clean ozonized water to meet the requirements of next-generation wet process using Teflon® hollow fibre membrane, a clean and high-concentration Ozonized Water Generator and a particle-free pump.


  • High concentration, large volume ozonized water supply

The system is capable of providing a continuous supply of ozonized water at a 3~30mg/L ozone concentration (as O3) at a flowrate of 0.3~1.5m3 (5~25 L/min). Both the ozone concentration of the ozonized water and its flowrate are variable to suit the required operating conditions.

  • Impurity-free ozonized water

The use of the clean ozonizer and particle-free pump specially developed by Ebara Corporation marks a major advancement in virtually eliminating impurities. The dispersive dissolving of ozone gas in ultra-pure water through a Teflon hollow-fibre membrane also marks a significant step toward virtually eliminating the ingress of TOC and heavy metal impurities

  • Superior concentration and flow rate stability

The ozonized water is monitored on line with UV absorption type concentration meters and the measurement data are used for feedback control to control the rate of ozone gas generation to the optimum level. Thus, it is possible to stabilize the ozone concentration at a steady level.

The use of an inverter control type infinitely variable speed particle-free pump it is possible to supply a constant flow of ozonized water even when fluctuations in inlet pure water pressure occur and when system has been installed so that a level difference exists between the wet station and the ozonizer.

  • Superior ease of operation, safety and reliability make the system ideally suited for production line use

To facilitate operation in combination with a wet station, built-in coupled operating signal and interlock signal circuits are provided, with the system configuration designed to assure easy maintenance of all units. When in emergency, the built-in safety circuits will operate to stop the system safely. This system has won high acclaim for its outstanding reliability

  • DRO System

The system is capable of providing higher functional water to combine Ebara deaeration water generator (H2, N2, CO2)